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As New Life Cards is an initiative of CE Solutions (our parent nonprofit), our staff have experience with the challenging of fundraising. Thus we've designed a way to make it EASY for other groups and organizations, like YOURS, to raise funds for their projects while also supporting the very hard-working Guatemalan entrepreneurs that we work with every day. By selling New Life Cards you can begin your own entrepreneurial venture, spread the word about the hard work that entrepreneurs are doing in Guatemala, and raise funds to support your group or organizations' activiites.  Above all, it’s INCREDIBLY SIMPLE! We have already created the product, price, place, and promotion for you.  All you’ve got to do is choose to sell ONLINE or ON DISPLAY

And then, well, just sell away…



Sell New Life Cards ONLINE
Basically this involves you telling everyone you know about New Life Cards and referring them to the site to buy buy buy!  The more they buy, the more money you make for your group.  It’s all online, hasslefree.

5 Effortless Steps:

  1. Email New Life Cards (sales@newlifecards.com) to get a promotion code (one code for your group that you will all use) and alert us that you will be selling online to friends, family, etc. to raise funds for your organization. Let us know if you'd like to sell for 30 days or 60 days.

  2. We’ll send you a bunch of information and sample emails that you can forward out to everyone you know to encourage them to go to the website (www.newlifecards.com) and purchase cards.

  3. When they purchase cards make sure that they tell New Life Cards the promotion code we have given your group so we know that a percentage of the profits goes to you.

  4. Once we have received payment and shipped the cards to your referred buyer we will set aside money in an account for you.  For every pack of cards that your referred buyers purchase for $10 + shipping & handling, we will set aside $4 for you. (*Shipping varies based on number of packs purchased & area code in the continental U.S. Generally it's $2-3 for one pack and goes down per pack as more are purchased. We'll let your referred buyer know when we receive the order.)

  5. At then end of your 30 or 60 day selling period, we'll write you out a check for your cut of the profits ($4/pack) and you and your organization will have that much more money to work with.



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Sell New Life Cards ON DISPLAY
Purchase on credit. Sell on Display. It’s that simple.  You tell us what you want to sell.  We send it to you with a neato little display.  You put your salesface on, sell your heart out, and send us back our part of the cashola, keeping the rest of the profits for YOUR GROUP!

5 Simple Steps:

  1. Email New Life Cards (sales@newlifecards.com), let us know what group or activity you're selling the cards for, and tell us how many packs of cards (minimum of 10) you would like to sell.  If you agree to sell 20 or more packs, we’ll send you a pretty little basket & banner display package to aid you in your sales.

  2. New Life Cards will then contact you you to set up your group's personalized card purchase and payment plan, which basically says that your group will pay us $7 purchase & shipping price x number of card packs you agree to sell. We'll work with you to figure out the details.

  3. New Life Cards will ship you the requested number of packs, plus some nifty little flyers to inform your potential customers about New Life Cards

  4. You guys sell the cards to whomever you desire (e.g. EVERYONE!!) for between $10 and $12, keeping all profits above the $7/pack purchase & shipping price. By selling 20 packs at a cost of $12 per pack, you will earn a profit of $100.

  5. Contact us if you would like to purchase more cards.


Take advantage of these easy ways to fundraise
(especially during the Holiday season!)
& recognize that you are helping
a dedicated group of Guatemalan entrepreneurs
realize their goals for their families
while helping yourself
and your group
achieve your own goals!






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