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sample card and envelopeIndividually Crafted Products

All of New Life Cards' products are handmade by Maria, Julia, Tania, Nancy, Angelica and Gloria. They collect and recycle paper from local businesses that would otherwise be thrown away and very likely dumped in the river. They then break down the paper into pulp and create unique stationary, giving the recycled paper "new life." Flowers, leaves, corn husks, seeds and grasses are collected from the women's gardens and communities to adorn the cards and envelopes, giving each one an individualized one-of-a-kind design.

The New Life Cards product line currently consists of four design collections. Browse the samples below to get a good feel for each collection, but remember that every card in every pack is individually crafted so the specific type of flowers & their exact arrangement will vary.



Spread holiday cheer with these snowy white wintry scenes, hand-crafted from corn-husks and leaves. Festive snowmen, trees, angels & poinsettias are just a few of the women's latest creative endeavors...




Floral bursts of new life and beauty craftily captured and splashed across the cards...




A confetti sprinkling of bits & pieces of Guatemalan flowers, leaves, and grasses spice up your message ...





Elegantly arranged leafy designs tucked just beneath the surface of these textured stationary treasures...



Interested in purchasing New Life Cards?

sample pack of cardsEach pack contains 8 handmade cards and envelopes and only costs $10.* Every pack also comes with a short biography about the women who made the particular cards you recieve and where in Guatemala they are from. To learn more about our new program that lets YOU designate which initiative you want the profits from your purchase to support click here.

To order New Life Cards please send an e-mail to sales@newlifecards.com, specifying how many packs you would like and your mailing address. You will be contacted by a sales representative promptly to complete the order.

*Plus Shipping & Handling. Shipping charges vary based on number of packs purchased and area code, but generally run $2-3 for the first pack and less per pack for each additional pack (shipped to the continental U.S.) When we receive your order we will let you know how much your shipping will cost.

Join the New Life Cards Club!

For only $10 a month you will receive a different pack of 8 cards each month. Use them yourself or give them to your friends!

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New Life Cards Wedding Invitations

weddingNew Life Cards will custom-make your wedding invitations!

Please contact us at least 3 months in advance of your required delivery date and we will work with you to make your unique wedding invitations.

If you are interested in purchasing cards, joining the New Life Cards Club or have any questions, please contact Carrie Magnuson, CE Solutions Regional Director, at sales@newlifecards.com

Maria making cards out of recycled paper
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