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Here's what people are saying about New Life Cards...

"New Life Cards not only provides beautiful and unique handmade cards, but also enables consumers to make conscientious decisions to exercise their purchasing power to promote peace and justice. New Life Cards cannot be found next to dirt cheap cards on Wal-Mart's shelves but these cards were handsmade with hands oflove and hearts of hope for a better life. I was very excited about the opportunity to take part in this innovative project. I purchased several packages of cards to hand out as gifts for friends and relatives. I was pleased that each packet of cards comes with a wonderful description of the project so that each recipient understands the hard work that went into making each card. Not only were people more touched by the gift upon learning the background, but they were excited to buy cards themselves. New Life Cards is an excellent community project that brings people together, raises cultural and social justice awareness and empowers small business entrepreneurs like Maria Rivera Perez to succeed."

-Katie Metcalf, Philadelphia, PA, USA

New Life Cards' volunteer, Denise, hanging cards to dryI worked as a volunteer with Maria for 5 weeks making paper in her house. It provided me with 5 weeks to learn about local culture and time to get to know a lovely person named Maria. As we worked in Maria's house I was given the chance to experience her family's lifestyle and enjoy the typical food cooked by her mother.   Recycling paper is certainly a good way of getting rid of trash and I was surprised at how nice and professional the cards look, although I have to admit that my cards never looked as good as Maria's. She is definitely a professional in her own business.   I enjoyed working with Maria because it gave me a lot of time to think and I enjoyed chatting with her.

-Denise Winkler, Stuttgart, Germany

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